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Bitmanagement announces new release of its online 3D viewer "BS Contact Geo"

Bitmanagement announces new release of its online 3D viewer "BS Contact Geo"
Intergeo 2009, Booth 1.506

Since digital Geo-Data are available to consumers not only the GIS market has grown remarkably and new applications like Google Earth have been marketable, but also customers being increasingly desirable of doing developments of applications based on business models of their own. However, up to now the market did not offer an adequate viewer software. Bitmanagement now has bridged this gap by offering its BS Contact Geo in the new release version 7.2. Now, customers do not need any longer to give away their data for developing earth viewing applications but can procure the own data on its client-server. GIS applications like city planning and city models, architectural animation and other GIS applications now can be developed from customers by their own.

Bitmanagement will demonstrate this new release with specific demos at the Intergeo 2009 in Karlsruhe, Germany; opening September 22, closing September 24, 2009, on its booth 1.506 to give prove of the performance of its 3D Viewer technology. It will show a BS Contact Geo 7.2 based demo of a

- Web-Visualization of an automatically created 3D city model of Marsaille in 6 cm resolution,
- city screen of Munich, Germany, based on tiles and 10 cm resolution
- Google KMZ city model of Magdeburg, Germany,
- fast CityGML web-visualization of the "Pariser Platz" in Berlin, Germany.
- 3D view of the Prague municipality in "street level"
- Panoramic Cubemapping of the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Hand in hand with the new release of BS Contact 7.2 Bitmanagement has integrated in its product portfolio the complete workflow for GIS applications. Ranging from the data preparation based on laser data, the support with specific workflow tools, up to the online visualization, a customer can get either the entire developing process from Bitmanagement or he can acquire the GIS data tool BS Tiler.

BS Tiler : Automated online visualization of laser and imagery data

When a customer or a partner delivers laser scan based unsorted mass of point clouds as well as pictures from satellites or flight over imagery in high resolution, Bitmanagement takes the preparation of the data material, which covers the following steps:

- Triangulation
- developing tile pyramides (with LOD);
- tile edge optimization,
- optimization of tile structure for online use, which means reducing the data volume, but preserving the datasets
- encrypting the data for the transfer on the Internet (optional)

Bitmanagement Software GmbH and the M.O.S.S. Computer Grafik Systeme GmbH, Taufkirchen near Munich now cooperate in that area of the Geo-market.

BS Geo Grid: faster online use of GIS data

By using server-networks and by adjusting the loading routine of the BS Contact Geo the worldwide internet use of the created Geo applications can be substantially accelerated.

The BS Contact Geo technology from Bitmanagement enables an customer to create Geo applications ranging from satellite pictures, to city visualization down to street level and even walk through options, Geo referenced applications avoiding media breaks, including video- and audio information integrated in animations, up to multi user application.
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Bitmanagement Software GmbH (Berg, Germany) is a leading developer of interactive, real-time 3D and multimedia software for a diverse range of markets and applications, based on the international Web 3D standards X3D, VRML and MPEG-4. Bitmanagement Software's product portfolio empowers business to rapidly develop and deploy custom, high perfor-mance, Internet enabled 3D solutions that are tailored to their particular market and seam-lessly integrated with their existing hardware and software investments.


Formed in 2002 upon a solid technology foundation 10 years in development, 3D Software Company Bitmanagement takes great pride in its proven track record of customer satis-faction and service delivery, its commitment to advancing Web 3D standards and its ongoing investment in technology and people, resulting in strong growth and positive cash flow to date and a positive financial outlook going forward.


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