Berg, 2008-05-07

Learning from o ld time technology

Virtual Replica of Narrow Gauge Locomotive to save Old Time Techniques

The aged 50 locomotive now visualized in 3D first time / Fraunhofer IFF Institute saves the knowledge about functionalities of old time engines / Specific advantage: To make masked processes inside steem locomotives visible / Additional benefit for apprenticeship to become steem lok-driver / Bitmanagement to supply 3D visualization software to the project

By cooperating two partners “Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH” (HSB), Wernigerode,and the “Virtual Development and Training Centre of Fraunhofer IFF Institute a three dimensional model of an old time steem locomotive from series 99.72 has been created for visualization in the 3D viewer from German 3D software supplier Bitmanagement Software GmbH, Berg near Munich. This type of a narrow gauge steem engine is trailing more than one million tourists per year up to the hill of Brocken since the early fiftieth. With 1,141 meters in hight the Brocken is the highest mountain in the Harz area. One locomotive of the series 99.72, which still is in attendance of the Brocken railway, now has been reconstructed virtually.

For both partners it has been an overriding target to get access to 3D software which provides high performing 3D animations, interactivity and internet capability. They therefore went for the 3D viewer of Bitmanagement Software GmbH, Berg near Munich, which also can be implemented in other industrial and consumer applications. HSB considers the virtual replica opening the chance to conserve the knowledge concerning the functionalities of technical old timers, such as steem locomotives. This know-how otherwise might have gone lost.

The Fraunhofer IFF Institute however benchmarks the virtual presentation as the opportunity to uncover masked processes. As steem engines such as locomotives are concerned it shows which way the steem moves inside the engine. Moreover it demonstrates the functionality of the so called “Heusinger Drive”, which manages the power train. What the performance of the 99:72 locomotive is concerned, particularly this part of the engine is of great importance, says the Fraunhofer Institute. The final railway station at the top of the Brocken is the highest station which can be reached by normal steem locomotives instead of using cog railroad-technology. That means, the Brocken-railway overrides within a track of 14 kilometers an ascent of one per 30 meter distance.

Fraunhofer IFF achieved by using the visualization-software BS Contact additionally the opportunity to train locomotive drivers to come in a very effective way. The model does not only show the inner life of the locomotive but also offers practical training facilities. They even can gain hands-on experience.

CD-" Virtual Steem Locomotive Drivers Cab" now available

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