Berg, 2007-07-05


Bitmanagement's 3D software to support airbus visualization

EADS optimizes manufacturing processes with meta data management system based on
X 3D and MPEG-4 / BS Contact VRML/X3D meets high requirements

Berg near Munich. Hardly another project exceeds the complexity of the logistics process of the manufacturing of large aircrafts such as Airbus planes. It applies to coordinate innumerable single processes and data. Simultaneously a great variety of tools and data formats must be mastered logistically. Although a great process variety allows greater flexibility and creativity in the manufacturing process, it is hard to handle. Therefore EADS was to develop a concept how to set up a meta data management system, which has the ability to master this challenge.

Above all it applied to consolidate all information from heterogeneous data sources for cooperation of the different tools as well as authoring, testing and searches as well as easy reusability. “EADS Innovation Works” succeeded in developing a management system, which has a 3D model in a centric approach, which can unify all parameters. This management system is based on the 3D format X3D for visualization and MPEG-4 for data reduction, so that the distribution of data in the Internet/Intranet accelerates, if not at all makes it possible.

EADS went for X3D, - the advancement of the more well-known VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) format - because

  1. X3D is an open ISO standard,
  2. XML documents are appropriate for embedded solutions
  3. customized interactive functions and user interfaces can easily be developed, and finally
  4. the X3D Browser can be easily integrate into meta data management system.

Most of the visualization requirements of the meta data management system have been accomplished by using standard X3D functions in the browser. Other possibilities has been realized by using the X3D CAD „strukture nodes “, as for example a further simplification of the structure of the total scenario. EADS decided for the BS Contact Viewer from Bitmanagement as visualisation component due to their positive operating experience in respect of performance and stability, EADS gained earlier before creating the meta data management system.


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