Berg, 2002-07-24

Foundation July 2002: Client Team of blaxxun has founded Bitmanagement

Foundation July 2002: Client Team of blaxxun has founded Bitmanagement

Interactive 3D Technology for todays standard PC by Intranet/Internet or CD

Bitmanagement Software GmbH is located near Munich, Germany. The company focuses on 3D technologies of the 3 technological standards MPEG-4, VRML, and X3D/Java. Based on the development of 3D player-software on ISO standard VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) since 1995 Bitmanagements` team has engineered as one of the first a fully integrated 2D/3D MPEG-4 player.

Due to todays increased dissemination of performant PC- and internet-technology in the industrial and consumer market, we see the formation of mass markets for 3D visualisation technologies:

The integration of 2D (e.g. video) und 3D (e.g. products oder virtual reality) enables:

  • objects navigated by the customer in photos or video
    - product presentation -
  • embedded videos in komplex virtual reality models like a virtual plant
    - Virtual Reality -

The company targets numerous market segments for 3D applications in the industrial field as well as in the area of marketing.

Bitmanagement Software GmbH acts as supplier of technologies in the area of standardised and interactive 3D.


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