Texture Types

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Texture types Lab

There are many types availables:

- ImageTexture: static texture (JPG, static GIF [transparent or not], PNG)
- MovieTexture: animated texture (animated GIF, AVI, DivX, RealVideo, Flash's .SWF, MPEG); some formats can be also streamed
- PixelTexture: texture described pixel per pixel, which allows to create or modify the texture on-the-fly (ex: a script/filter creating the "negative colors" version of the texture)
- CompositeTexture: render of 3D objects behaving like a texture (and because you can modify those objects like any other vrml objects, you can create stunning textures in realtime). See the lab about it for more informations.
- ProceduralTexture: texture generated and modifiable using parameters
- MultiTexture: combinates several textures (this type too is the subject of another lab because its applications are too wide to be covered in that one)

These textures types, as-is or combined with a script for even more flexibility, allow you to create any graphics you want.

Texture :
Click and drag the cube if you want to rotate it.