This is a step by step tutorial that explains how BS Collaborate interacts with X3D/VRML scenes that want to share their state among clients. It describes how to connect an X3D/VRML scene with a BS Collaborate server and how to display avatars for other users. The last step in this tutorial describes how to modify an avatar so that it synchronizes gestures with its drones running in the clients of other users.

For reference information about BS Collaborate and the nodes supporting it, see BS Collaborate documentation.

The examples for each step can be viewed online or can be downloaded as a ZIP either individually for each step or as a whole on this page. The example files connect with a test BS Collaborate server on test.bitmanagement.de.

There is also a test version of the BS Collaborate server available from our download center. However, for using the test server you must modify the address in the content files from "test.bitmanagement.de" to "localhost".


BS_Collaborate-MakeItMU.zip - the whole tutorial

BS_Collaborate-Code.zip - the code that you need to add to your scene in order to share it with BS Collaborate