Berg, 2008-08-06

Siggraph 2008

Bitmanagement exhibits 3D Online Cities at Siggraph 2008

Automatically constructed 3D cities visualized online / Quality leap hand in hand with substantial cost reduction/ Customer specific GUI and community specifics / Application is based on 3D visualisation software from Bitmanagement

Bitmanagement, a leader in interactive real-time 3D software on the Internet, and directing board member of the Web3D ISO standard consortium today announced that they will reveal at this years computer graphics event Siggraph2008 in Los Angeles, USA, the visualization of automatically constructed 3D cities with their 3D viewer BS Contact.

“A coverage of complete 3D cities in 4 inch resolution
can be realized now with a substantial cost reduction
and viewed on the Internet with Bitmanagement’s fast
3D viewer technology.”, said Peter Schickel, CEO of
Bitmanagement and vice president of the Web3D

3D city models can be integrated into many applications ranging from online search engines to
embedded automotive navigation- and entertainment systems. (Please see Web3D featured case
study at

For fast visualization of large city datasets online, Bitmanagement’s software now supports the latest
X3D geospatial profile from the X3D-Earth initiative as well as the geolocation node from the Collada
1.5.0 specification announced today by the Khronos consortium. Bitmanagement enables the growing
demand for Interactive Web3D Software for the mass market as 3D graphic cards are available
widely throughout the homes of over one billion consumers who are connected to the Internet today.
Leading brand names in all major industry segments from automotive to 3D multi-user communities
have been won (please see below at About Bitmanagement).

Bitmanagement’s main product is the highly performing 3D viewer BS Contact based on the ISO
standards VRML/X3D and the industry standard Collada and Google’s KMZ, used in applications
worldwide and downloaded in the millions. Especially for serving international markets in USA,
Europe and Asia, the software has been adapted to support UTF8/16 text characters for localization
of customer applications, e.g. for Chinese or Hebrew text symbols. Customized OEM applications
with more than 100.000 users in the first week after its online launch proves that interactive web 3D
with photorealistic quality reached main stream market.

On the Siggraph exhibition in booth139 Bitmanagement will show their software as a cross platform
approach, running on Apple, Linux and Microsoft systems as well as on mobile devices such as the
new Intel Atom powered Netbooks. Presentations and demonstrations will be given by
Bitmanagement in various tech-talks and meetings during the Siggraph and Web3D conference at X3D Plugfest, Sat 9. August, Los Angeles Convention Center
Web3D Showcase 2008, Sun 10. August, 7:30 – 8:30 pm, Room 406 A+B
ACM Siggraph Carto BOF, Tue 12. August, 12:30– 2:30 pm, Room 501 A
Multiuser Virtual Environments BOF, Wed 13. August, 12:30–2:30 pm, Room 507
X3D Techtalk, The realtime Solution, Wed 13. August, 3:30-5:30 pm, Hall G, Room 1
Collada BOF, Thu 14. August , 16:00-18:00 pm
Booth at Siggraph 2008 exhbition, booth no. 139


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