Berg, 2008-07-15

Berlin Wall

3D reconstructing the wall which once divided Berlin into two political worlds

Berlin located artist team to reconstruct the Berlin Wall / The wall as a VR - Virtual Reality - artwork shall make people experience the historical meaning of the construction / Bitmanagement provides the project with the interactive 3D software / First presentation to take place in Summer 2008 / Project evaluated as an integrated part of the memorial concept of the Berlin Senate.

Image: Wall separating East
and West

Berg, near Munich. The Berlin Artist Team T+T has reconstructed the legendary Berlin Wall to conserve the reminiscence of the wall as an artwork for time witnesses and following generations. The wall was constructed August 13, 1961 and demolished November 9, 1991. However, no stones have been used, the copy has rather been realized with 3D visualization technology which makes it possible to view it on PC. The software foundations of this project was provided by the 3D Software supplier Bitmanagement Software GmbH, Berg near Munich, Germany. The intention of the artist team is to contribute to experience the Berlin Wall in a historical context.

In reality the tracks of the Berlin Wall have been long disappeared, but not in the hearts and minds of people. So it’s not a surprise that visitors from home and abroad, and even Berlin citizens, increasingly put the question “where the legendary wall was located?”. It shows, the wall in fact is still present with the people. The answer on the question will give the first presentation this summer, which will be shown on a life-sized screen (3m/4m in size).

By presenting the VR–artwork the intention of the artists is to attract the sensual and physical perception of the human beings. Using an easy to handle joystick every visitor can move through the interactive 3D-world of the VR-artwork. In August 2008 a presentation will take place in the museum for Communication in Berlin and in the Center of Documentation "Berlin Wall in the Bernauer Street".

Further events are scheduled in Germany and internationally.

Integrated Part of the Memorial Concept of the Berlin Senate.

A number of institutions have evaluated the wall-project as an e integral element of the memorial concept „Berlin Wall“ of the Senate of the Berlin City. Among them are the Senate Chancellery, cultural affairs department, and the consortium “Commemoration Concept –Berlin Wall”, as well as the “Cultural Fond” of the city as main sponsor.

As consultants are engaged Dr. John Czaplicka, from the Harvard Center for European Studies and - last but not least – The Goethe Institut – Bosten/USA.


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