Berg, 2008-05-09

3D application for marketing and sales purposes

Victoria Couture to valorise E-Shop Application by 3D visualizing

First fully integrated clothing store originated in France / The French developer of 3D applications Idées 3Com creates virtual clothing boutique / Idées 3Com combines a dvantages of classic e-commerce with those of a real store / A pplication is based on 3 D technology from Bitmanagement

Image: Virtual Boutique „Victoria Couture“

Berg near Munich – The new 3D application for clothing marketing has been developed in France. The Idées 3Com, developer of interactive 3D applications for marketing purposes on the Internet has combined in its virtual clothing boutique the real and the virtual world for the brand “Victoria Couture”. A user of this application can benefit in the virtual shopping process from advantaged of classical e-commerce as well as from shopping in a real store. He can peer the products of desire, can get in contact with the sales person via Internet or just can have fun on the shopping tour.

Such an application requires a 3D visualization which assures beside persuasive 3D animation also a real time rendering which also runs on the Internet. The 3D animation ought to come very close to a real object.

That means the mapping of rooms and objects must show for instance textures which are more or less photorealistic. Consequently wooden objects must look as made of lumber, same is essential for stone and – in this special context – clothing material have to look like cloth. The simulation of products and moving objects should also show shadow-effects which come along with e.g. avatars and scenes and other moving objects like in the real world.

The E-Commerce application of the clothing boutique is networked with the back-end systems to manage and control the purchasing process.

To ensure interactivity it needs above all a 3D rendering of very high rates to visualize 3D Models of clothes and accessories in real-time. State of the art visualization software needs to run for Internet use on customer PCs which also requires processing of large data volumes. Because all these requirements are given with the 3D software BS Contact application developer Idées 3Com went for software supplier Bitmanagement.



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