Berg, 2007-03-20

Virtual Worlds

Bitmanagement Offers Highly Competitive Solutions for Creating Virtual Worlds

Peter Schickel:"Our visualization software empowers developers to create better applications compared to those of Google Earth or Second Life, which have both clearly demonstrated the rising demand for virtual world solutions. Our 3D HSV Arena and Bertelsmann World Atlas projects showcase the high performance and visual quality of Bitmanagement's real-time 3D software for this rapid growth virtual world market".

Image: Picture: Bertelsmann

Berg near Starnberg. Human beings must be driven by a strong urge to create, express,
share and interact. This is the only explanation for the emerging popularity of virtual worlds.
People are building their own unique playgrounds within which they can enjoy virtual lives,
free from the constraints and monotony of the everyday. These are personalized places
where one can interact with the fantasy avatars of other users and were once only the stuff of
dreams envisioned by science fiction and “cyberpunk” authors such as William Gibson and
Neal Stephenson. Virtual world platforms like “Second Life”, “There”, “Eve” and others, can
today make these virtual dreams come true for the average person.

Second Life, the world's largest and most widely recognized virtual world by far has proven that there is now a market for “other lives” and virtual world technology. Therefore it won't be long before the number of new entrants developing new virtual worlds begins to rise to meet the increasing demand of users, numbering in the millions, eager to creatively express themselves in this new medium.

Why aren't there currently more new virtual worlds with dynamic user bases and always fresh content? Although state of the art hardware, content and 3D software can today almost meet the high demands of such applications, in practice there are still significant barriers remaining, most notably with naturalistic rendition of virtual worlds and characters (avatars). This also may explain why virtual worlds like Second Life are sometimes judged in a harsh light as often the virtual representations look rather lifeless,unrealistic and dull.

Bitmanagement software GmbH (based in Berg near Munich), developer of 3D software, is providing a competitive advantage for new entrants into the burgeoning virtual world market. Managing director Peter Schickel: “I am convinced that our software can offer a better overall solution in many crucial areas, for example by providing a more naturalistic visual quality in comparison to leading vendors”.The BS Contact platform provides photo-realistic real-time 3D rendering, whilst still enabling the user to move freely in all directions, without a hint of interruption. Features include more naturalistic textures and lighting, where stone looks like stone, wood looks like wood, and realistic shadows,reflections, water and other special effects are possible with advanced shader technology. As the former real-time 3D client software team of Blaxxun Interactive AG (Munich), Bitmanagement has gained broad experience in the development and running of large, millionfold visited communities, like, since the end of the 90's.

Bitmanagement has proven the efficacy of its software in many diverse customer applications, most recently with the use of their 3D platform in the reproduction of the HSV football arena. Also, in developing a comprehensive 3D world atlas for one of the world's leading publishing and media companies, Bertelsmann, Bitmanagement demonstrated an application akin to Google Earth (see illustration). “The 3D software of Bitmanagement exceeds the multimedia and 3D capabilities of Google Earth an many ways”, says Peter Schickel. For example, the software of Bitmanagement allows the user in this high-end consumer atlas product to descend from space down to Earth to discover intricately detailed 3D landscapes and to view integrated videos related to “points of interest”. On top of that, the user has access to an integrated, comprehensive and geo-referenced encyclopedic database with approximately 200,000 points of knowledge.

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