BS Off-Screen Library

BS Off-Screen Library is a compilation of functional rendering bricks that can be used for massive calculation without visualisation rendering on the screen.

You do not need supercomputers anymore to get real-time responses for massive calculations in an interactive way. Bitmanagement offers the powerful BS Off-Screen Library to customers who want to exploit the power of their graphics cards hardware directly to speed up computing. The BS Off-Screen Library goes even further than the BS SDK application interfaces (APIs) when it comes to development capabilities. It consists of a set of OpenGL classes in C++ source code that interface directly to the low level graphics rendering capabilities of modern graphics cards. Therefore computational intensive and costly calculations such as matching algorithms, can be performed in a very fast way directly on the graphics cards in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) rather than using the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the computer which is slower. The results of these computations can then be handed to the rendering pipeline of BS Contact for visualization. This saves time during the rendering and display phase as many calculations can be done in parallel on the graphics cards GPU and on the CPU of the computer.

BS Off-Screen Library applied to an interactive application of augmented reality in the automotive industry.

Metaio, a leader in augmented reality applications for the automotive industry uses the BS Off-Screen Library for calculations of comparisons between a 3D cad model and edges of a physical object, e.g. derived from video images of a camera. These computations are performed in real-time until the virtual 3D model and the edges of the physical model are matching and aligned. Using the BS Off-Screen Library this application is made possible within short response cycles in an interactive way, which would not be practical using the traditional processing of the computer, as the same calculations would require considerably more time.