BS Contact MPEG-4

BS Contact MPEG-4 enables grouped compositions of digital media, such as photographs, video and/or audio streams and interactive 3D models in virtual environment (3D).

MPEG-4 benefits:

  • Streaming technology allows faster download of content.
  • "Produce once run many" – multiple content use on a variety of devices due to BIFS encoding.
  • Product presentation in specially dedicated virtual settings due to 2D and 3D media mix enables visual attractiveness.
  • Licensable content and control of application usage due to digital rights management.
  • Enhanced resting time of customers/user of portals due to interactivity (back channel) with information when requested.
  • Enhanced real-time information procurement, if linked to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) back-end systems.

Example for integration of different media types:

This diagram shows up the fundamental system architecture of the BS Contact MPEG-4.

"According to our market research the Client Software of Bitmanagement is the only integrated 2D/3D Player that allows stable and performing visualization in the upcoming MPEG 4 standard. We have linked the Player to ERP-Systems for E-Commerce applications."
Siemens AG, Dr. Hundt

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