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This section gives developer information, examples and specifications for the BS Contact player.

The player plugin is offered in 4 versions (BS Contact, BS Contact Stereo, BS Contact GEO, BS Contact MPEG-4) accompanied by the BS Contact J Java Applet:

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BS Contact

The industry standard 3D player (VRML, X3D, Collada, OpenJT on request) with numerous extensions beyond the standards. It is the engine of choice for high quality, performant rendering of interactive 3D content. The current version is BS Contact 7.2. Already the version 6.1 added support for X3D XML parsing, the 6.2 added support for the Microsoft Direct X9 API and programmable hardware shaders. Shaders and easy browser installation were added in versions 7.1 and 7.2. Many extensions and innovations have been included to Contact have been taken up by ISO Web3D and MPEG-4 standards organizations. BS Contact can be used as Active X component in custom applications. Custom COM Objects can be plugged into BS Contact to extend the node and input functionality.

BS Contact Stereo

BS Contact Stereo adds 3D Stereo rendering support to BS Contact. Several modes are support, e.g. hardware assisted OpenGL double buffered stereo, split - screen (above-below), red-blue. Next different autosteroscopic displays are supported from Sharp 3D and See-Real to X3D Technologies displays.

BS Contact Geo

BS Contact Geo enables the visualization of geographic information in third-party hardware and software products. BS Contact Geo is based on BS Contact and its capacity. The software is expanded and is focussing on the special requirements of the GIS community using ISO standard compliant formats like CityGML

BS Contact MPEG-4

BS Contact MPEG-4 is one of the worlds first ISO MPEG-4 player supporting integrated presentations composed out of Audio, Video with 2D and 3D graphics, graphics streaming, scripting and interactivity.
By using 3D graphics hardware for composition, the performance and visual quality is much higher compared with other 2D MPEG-4 Players or Macromedia Flash using traditional 2D software pixel based engines.

MPEG-4 offers a multi platform standard including compression, broadcast, streaming and
standardized API's for DRM protection.
Bitmanagement Software GmbH has been active in the MPEG standardization body by submitting new features like Nurbs, Multitexturing, Particle systems and Multi-User extensions for MPEG-4 Systems and helped MPEG improving the systems specification.

BS Contact J

BS Contact J is a Java Applet that was designed for ad hoc visualization of a subset of the VRML standard. As it requires no download it is a good tool for small interactive visualizations of products. BS Contact J is one of the smallest and fastest product interactive visualization tools on the market. BS Contact J can be used for E-commerce, education, data visualization, entertainment, web animations and other applications.

BS Contact J integrates into a standard web page like any other Java applet. It is completely transparent to all web page visitors and is displayed with the other page content. It requires no download or installation and loads automatically when a visitor opens a web page that contains the applet. All authoring tools that generate VRML code can be used for producing BS Contact J content.


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