Berg, 2004-02-11

BS Contact Stereo - 3D renderer for stereoscopic viewing released

BS Contact Stereo - 3D renderer for stereoscopic viewing released

Bitmanagement Software GmbH has augmented their product portfolio with a
stereoscopic viewer. With the development of this new product called
"BS Contact Stereo" Bitmanagement is underpinning their strategy to deliver
professional 3D viewing components based on ISO-standards for today's PCs
and the Internet.

BS Contact Stereo is using the ISO standard VRML as data format, which has become the de-facto standard for the preparation of 3D content for the Internet since 1997. Most CAD construction tools and leading 3D authoring tools for product presentation, e.g. 3ds max are exporting their models in the VRML format. BS Contact Stereo enables the display of these 3D models in three stereoscopic modes for a large variety of active and passive VR systems.


Necessary for the stereoscopic projection from PCs is merely a Windows computer together with a suitable graphics card, e.g. NVidia Quadro, ATI-Fire GL or 3Dlabs Wildcat and active stereo glasses. BS Contact Stereo can also be employed for a rear projection system with two projectors and passive stereo glasses. Stereoscopic viewing is even possible without additional VR glasses by employing particular 3D monitors, such as the ones from SeeReal. Using this technology and today’s PCs, new cost effective means are emerging to enable the fast display of stereoscopic 3D models over the Internet.

Dual projector systems for rear projection visualize 3D models, e.g. for team meetings on
larger scales. Our partner digital IMAGE offers for this purpose a mobile system, named
Cube 3D (only 7 kg, 25 cm3). It is especially handy for use with notebook computers.


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